A Special Guy Receives a Special Gift

At the Friend of the Jacksonville Public Library September board meeting our past president, Harry Reagan, received a special recognition of his service to FJPL and the Jacksonville Public Library system.

Harry's special bowlBoard of Library Trustees Brenda Simmons-Hutchins and Mark Wood presented Harry with a unique, hand crafted, one of a kind wooden bowl. Harry was surprised and very pleased by the support and acknowledgement of his advocacy for the library.

Thank you Harry for all you have done and all that you are still doing.

Even the President of FJPL is a volunteer.  You can be too by clicking here.

Library Straw Vote Defeated

On August 26, Jacksonville voters defeated a straw vote about a local tax district for libraries, a first step in changing the way our public libraries are funded.

NO  –  50.64% (44,056)
YES –  49.36% (42,934)

Here’s the story from the Times-Union…..

Volunteers are the reason
The Friends of Jacksonville Public Library (FJPL) is a 59 year old successful non-profit.Successful because FJPL has given, and continues to give, money to the library every year.We are able to do that because of our volunteers.  Simply put, no volunteers, no money to the library.  They are the reason for FJPL’s success.To become a volunteer with this organization that is making a difference, send an email to me stating you want to volunteer with FJPL.If you want to read some interesting stories why our volunteers volunteer, click here.

If you want to read what the volunteers do for FJPL and what FJPL does for them, click here.


Gail Hunyar
FJPL President
(904) 630-2304

Library addressed in Mayor’s budget

Mayor Alvin Brown presented his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2015 on July 14.

In his remarks he said: “Our public libraries are vital educational institutions in the community—serving people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all across the city.  This budget will help restore service hours at the Main Downtown Library.  And we propose to help our libraries invest in new materials after years of budget cuts.”

According to the mayor’s staff, the budget proposal contains more…Read more here

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