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Local Branch Friends Groups ​

To join one of the following Friends of the Library groups, please see the contact information below. 


Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library 

Address: 3435 University Blvd. N. Jacksonville, FL 32277

President: David Smith


Phone: 904-255-6002 


Friends of the Beaches Public Library

Address: 600 3rd Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

President: Marianne Kane 

Facebook: @FOBBL


Friends of the Murray Hill Branch

Address: P.O. Box 60071, Jacksonville, FL 32236

President: Jay Stuckey, III 


Phone Number: (904)571-2716


Friends of the Olga L. Bradham & Etta L. Brooks Branch Library 

Address: 1755 Edgewood Ave West, Jacksonville, FL 32208

President: Alisa Harrell


Phone Number: (904) 358-0434

Friends of Mandarin Branch Library (FJPL Committee) 

Address: 3330 Kori Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257

President: Ted Centerwall 


Friends of South Mandarin Branch Library 

Address: 12125 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32223

President: Ken Tucker



Friends of the Willowbranch Library

Address:  2875 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205

President: Roxanne Henkle
Phone Number: (904) 210-0011


Friends of the Dallas Graham Branch Library

Address: 1440 N. Myrtle Ave, Jacksonville, FL  32209

President:  Lynn Sherman
Phone:  (904) 497-8123


Friends of the Brentwood Branch Library 
Address:  3725 Pearl St., Jacksonville, FL 32206

President:  Jeanette Ali


Friends of the Maxville Branch Library (Committee of FJPL)

Address: 8375 Maxville Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32234

President: Kim North


Phone: (904) 294-6714


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