Of course, we sell books...also Music CD's, Movies, audiobooks, records, and more! We offer thousands of items all year round in our bookstore! When you purchase something from us, you are not just paying for entertainment, you are also supporting the Jacksonville Public Library! 

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Books For Servicemembers

Did you know that you can give the gift of a book to a deployed service member through FJPL? Often times our deployed service members don't have access to recreational reading. You can change that by clicking below! 

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A Gift For Our Deployed Military

FJPL’s Books for Deployed Military program sends books to First Coast men and women deployed from their home station. In order for this program to continually be successful, we need your help.


Send a deployed servicemember a box of books by emailing the following information to  



Rank, name, mailing address, and preferred genre of books if known


We send about 20 paperback books in a box to a recipient. Paperback books help with storage and deployed servicemembers can share! 

Thank you for helping us support our military!